News Updates

  1. Welcome Back to a Successful School Year!

    The signs of a new school year are everywhere. And opportunities abound to help your child “see” education as an opening of doors for the… Read More

  2. First Kids Music & Missions Fall Launch // 2015

    First Kids, their parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends will launch the new year with games, crafts, mega jumps, and snacks on Wednesday… Read More

  3. New Bible Study Classes // Fall 2015

    Attention, young adults! As we move into autumn, we want you to be aware of new Bible study options available to you. Read More

  1. Frank and to the Point (August 2015)

    We continue the Mile Markers for Life sermon series in August and September with messages that speak deeply to the personal issues many of us… Read More

  2. College Student Addresses

    Parents, as you get your college students settled back in at school this month, please update us with their current address. Read More

  3. Student Mission Trip Prayer Request

    Please pray for the team of high school graduated seniors and parents who will be in Haiti from July 22 through July 28. Read More

  1. Youth Choir Mission Tour Reflections

    Thank you for your many prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support of our Youth Choir Mission Tour (YCMT) to Miami, Florida, this… Read More

  2. Frank and to the Point (July 2015)

    There’s a difference in counting and measuring. Counting gives us a picture of how many are in attendance, or how many joined, or even how… Read More

  3. July Midday Midweek Prayer Service

    This year, July is going to look a little different at First Baptist Nashville. Read More

  1. 2015 Vacation Bible School Recap

    VBS 2015 has ended. I did not rejoice in its ending; I had hugs left to give, and songs to sing! Read More

  2. 2015 College Graduates

    We're so proud of our 2015 college graduates! Read More

  3. Welcome, Summer Interns!

    Get to know our childrens and student intern! Read More