News Updates

  1. Family Exercise

    One of the most important parts of healthy living is movement. Each of the suggestions listed below will help your family to live healthier… Read More

  2. TBC Messengers Needed

    Members of First Baptist Nashville, we are in need of messengers to attend the upcoming Summit: the Gathering of Tennessee Baptists, November… Read More

  3. 2015 Elected Deacons

    The following fifteen persons were elected by the church to serve a four year terms beginning January 2015... Read More

  1. Evangel Delivery Change

    We are working hard to be good stewards of our budget and with with rising postal costs, we need to examine how we receive the Evangel... Read More

  2. Be Your Child’s Head Cheerleader

    Well, fall begins this month and that means football is finally here. Coaches and players are taking the field, spectators are filling the stands,… Read More

  3. Mobile Meals Volunteer Program

    Mobile Meals need you! We need drivers to deliver meals to older adults in the Green Hills area who want to stay in their own homes. Read More

  1. An Invitation to Join the Sanctuary Choir

    Eight years ago, our family was led to First Baptist Nashville. There were many factors behind our decision. One factor was the strong pulpit… Read More

  2. Exciting Times for Older Adults at First

    This has been an exciting year for older adults at First Baptist Nashville. The remainder of 2014 will continue to be… Read More

  3. Free (or Nearly Free!) Fun Places to Visit This Summer!

    With warmer weather and schools out until August, you may be looking for some fun, family-friendly ideas for the summer months. Here are a few… Read More

  1. Crow’s Corner (May 2014)

    In this month's Crow's Corner, we welcome Tim Wildsmith and Brandon Owen, and discuss the search for Minister to Students. Read More

  2. Congrats, College Grads!

    We are so excited for our college graduates! Read More

  3. Frank and to the Point (April 2014)

    The mission of First Baptist Nashville is to continue the life and work of Jesus Christ from downtown. We are doing that in a number of ways… Read More

Upcoming Events

  1. The Fellowship on Broadway

    Room 300, East Building
  2. Christ Clothes Closet open

  3. 2014 Advent Season

  4. The Fellowship on Broadway

    Room 300, East Building
  5. 2014 Advent Season

  6. SAALT to Badgett Playhouse

    Badgett’s Playhouse
  7. 2014 Advent Season

  8. 2014 Advent Season

  9. 2014 Advent Season

  10. 2014 Advent Season

  11. 2014 Advent Season

  12. 2014 Advent Season

  13. 2014 Advent Season

  14. 2014 Advent Season

  15. 2014 Advent Season

  16. 2014 Advent Season

  17. 2014 Advent Season

  18. 2014 Advent Season

  19. 2014 Advent Season

  20. 2014 Advent Season

  21. 2014 Advent Season

  22. 2014 Advent Season

  23. 2014 Advent Season

  24. 2014 Advent Season

  25. 2014 Advent Season

  26. 2014 Advent Season

  27. 2014 Advent Season

  28. 2014 Advent Season

  29. 2014 Advent Season

  30. 2014 Advent Season