2014 Youth Camp Updates



Chaperone Report

Student Report

July 13 We made it safe and sound with a great deal of enthusiasm and anticipation for the coming week.  Theme night was great fun with most of us dressed in our western attire. A lot of fun was had by all in a special celebration consistent with the western theme. As we settled into worship, we were challenged to allow God to lead us as we step out into the unknown and follow His will. This set the stage for our study of Abraham as he was asked to leave his homeland to go to a place God would show him. Continue to pray for us as we study about Abraham and how to walk where God leads.
!~ Betty Norwood
July 14    
July 15    
July 16    
July 17    



Place Points Grade
1st Place 2,733,000 12th Grade
2nd Place 1,601,000 11th Grade
3rd Place 1,160,000 8th Grade
4th Place 1,118,000 10th Grade
5th Place 870,000 9th Grade


6th Place 816,000 7th Grade