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2014InterFACE Ministries Event


108 Seventh Avenue South Nashville, Tennessee

Event Details

This month hundreds of new international students are joining the thousands already studying here at Nashville area colleges and universities. InterFACE Ministries works to enlist community volunteers for Vanderbilt, Belmont, TSU, and other area schools in programs called “First Friends” and EAT (Experience American Tastes).

First Baptist people have a chance to befriend students and influence them for Christ. “First Friends” provides the chance to include your international friend in activities you are already doing. Your student will join you and your family (about once a month) for dinner or a holiday in your home, an outing to the mall, a visit to church activities, a museum, a school activity, or a ball game. Your commitment would be for the upcoming 2014 – 2015 school year. You may request a single student or a family. You will be required to attend a brief mandatory orientation before being matched, either Tuesday, August 26, or Wednesday, September 3. You will meet your Vanderbilt student at the Match Day picnic on Wednesday, September 10. There are limited opportunities for students from other schools with different orientation programs. “First Friends” is not a program to house students in your home, so you don’t need an extra bedroom.

If your schedule allows meeting students only once or twice, we also offer an EAT dinner, where you may choose from one to six times during the school year.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Charles Parker at or 615.367.4387. He has application forms.

Contact: Charles Parker