News Updates

  1. Shower for Vicky Gomski & Gregory Lewis

    Please join us for a dessert shower honoring Vicky Gomski and Gregory Lewis on Sunday, July 20. Read More

  2. Welcome Back to School

    In a few weeks, the school bells across America will ring and the excitement of a new school year will begin. As a classroom teacher, I rarely… Read More

  3. Frank and to the Point (July 2014)

    The certainty by which he faced uncertain times grew out of a faith walk with God that we can enjoy today. Be safe as you travel, and stay connected… Read More

  1. VBS 2014: THANK YOU!

    486 D3 agents traced it back to just the facts, and the evidence is clear ... VBS 2014 was SPYtacular! Read More

  2. Received Your 8x10 Photo Yet?

    Have you received your free 8x10 of your portrait from the Lifetouch Pictorial Directory yet? Read More

  3. No Evening Activities June 4

    There will be no evening activities on Wednesday, June 4, due to CMA activities downtown. Read More

  1. Welcome, Summer Interns!

    Ashley begins her internship on Tuesday, May 27, and CJ begins on Wednesday, May 28. They will serve through July 31. Both will be introduced… Read More

  2. Free (or Nearly Free!) Fun Places to Visit This Summer!

    With warmer weather and schools out until August, you may be looking for some fun, family-friendly ideas for the summer months. Here are a few… Read More

  3. Crow’s Corner (June 2014)

    This month, Crow's Corner features First Kids Fishing, The Main Event, The Montana Men's Excursion & The 4th of July Outreach. Read More

  1. Holy Roller Drivers Needed

    We need Holy Roller drivers! Driving is great fun and helps set a positive, welcoming first impression to those that park in the big back lot. Read More

  2. Frank & to the Point (June 2014)

    One of my favorite things about the summer is the opportunity to focus my study time and shine the spotlight on a sermon series for the eight… Read More

  3. Avalon Acres

    Avalon Acres Farms will once again be dropping off produce to their CSA members at First Baptist Nashville on Sundays... Read More