News Updates

  1. An Invitation to Join the Sanctuary Choir

    Eight years ago, our family was led to First Baptist Nashville. There were many factors behind our decision. One factor was the strong pulpit… Read More

  2. Exciting Times for Older Adults at First

    This has been an exciting year for older adults at First Baptist Nashville. The remainder of 2014 will continue to be… Read More

  3. Free (or Nearly Free!) Fun Places to Visit This Summer!

    With warmer weather and schools out until August, you may be looking for some fun, family-friendly ideas for the summer months. Here are a few… Read More

  1. Crow’s Corner (May 2014)

    In this month's Crow's Corner, we welcome Tim Wildsmith and Brandon Owen, and discuss the search for Minister to Students. Read More

  2. Congrats, College Grads!

    We are so excited for our college graduates! Read More

  3. Frank and to the Point (April 2014)

    The mission of First Baptist Nashville is to continue the life and work of Jesus Christ from downtown. We are doing that in a number of ways… Read More

  1. Frank and the Point (April 2014)

    We anticipate one of the largest crowds of the year on Easter Sunday, and I hope you will be with us. This is the year that you need to invite… Read More

  2. Reserve Sanctuary Flowers

    Donating flowers for The Sanctuary Service is a wonderful way to enhance our worship time and to also recognize those significant events or… Read More

  3. Welcome, Jason Cox

    It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Jason Cox who is our new Worship and Music Associate giving leadership to The Fellowship on Broadway… Read More

  1. Life Change University (Spring 2014)

    Life Change University Previews are Wednesdays, January 29 & February 5 prior to the Midweek Prayer Service, Lobby, and Sundays, February 2… Read More

  2. Frank and to the Point (January 2014)

    January is here and with it comes a chance for us to dive into some “New Year’s Resolutions” or other personal commitments that we may… Read More

  3. The Year of Health

    Your staff hopes that 2014 will be a year of growth in so many areas of our lives... Read More

Upcoming Events

  1. The Fellowship on Broadway

    Room 300, East Building
  2. 3M: Monthly Lunch

    First Baptist Nashville
  3. Chapel Dedication

  4. The Fellowship on Broadway

    Room 300, East Building
  5. Christ Clothes Closet open