Podcast FAQ

How to Subscribe to a Podcast

Using a mac?

Automatically subscribe to the FBC Podcast by clicking on the pcast link below:

If you are using iTunes (Mac or PC) ...

Click here to open the FBC iTunes page »


  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Click Advanced, then Subscribe to Podcast.
  3. Copy and paste this URL into the box -
  4. Click OK.

What is Podcasting?

"Podcasting" refers to a technology that emerged in 2004 that allows sites that regularly publish audio content in MP3 format that allows interested users to "subscribe" to the site via its RSS feed. Whenever the site publishes new audio content, it is automatically downloaded and sometimes even automatically transferred to a person's digital audio player.

Some refer to it as a "Tivo" for audio. At First Baptist Nashville, we are experimenting with techniques to provide audio segments from our various projects and events - sermons, special music events, etc.

Helpful Bits of Info

Media players

There is a range of media playing software available for Windows which will play MP3 and other types of audio and video files. To save one of our MP3 files for playback on your computer, just right click the Download Link and then "save as..." to which ever directory you want to store it in. (Alternatively, you can either use the built-in player on this page, or just click on the Download link and your default media player will begin playing the audio file.) Three of the most popular media player programs are :

  • iTunes - Ideal to use if you have an iPod to synchronize but works very well as a stand-alone music player also
  • Winamp - versatile free media player
  • Windows media - this is often installed as part of Windows

Podcasting clients (aggregators)

These are programs which you can use to automatically download MP3 'podcasts' from various sites. These programs scan to see if a new audio file has been added to the site (such as our First Baptist Nashville Podcast page) and download it. They can then add the file to a media player playlist and even get it sent to your portable media device such as an iPod, so you can listen to it on the go. The beauty of all this is that it happens automatically, once it has been set up.

  • iPodder - the original podcasting client. Neat and simple to use.
  • Doppler - an alternative podcasting client which offers a lot more power and functionality. For iPod users, this includes the ability to facilitate the automatic conversion of downloaded podcast MP3s into audiobook files, which are bookmakable, and also allow you to alter the listening speed. Great software.