Music and Ministry

Music plays an exciting role in the life of First Baptist Nashville. Our music ministry opens many avenues for fellowship, outreach, great singing, exuberant worship experiences, and service for Jesus Christ through the church. Our programs range from the many events which we sponsor to the individual activities for worship and praise. There are organized musical groups available for ages 4 through 104 encompassing solo ministries, youth choirs, adult choirs, handbells, and instrumental groups. Music at First Baptist Nashville stirs our hearts, stimulates our minds, and motivates our feet for Christian living. The Psalmist has said we are to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord” and “come before His presence with singing. The Ministry of Music at First Baptist Nashville provides that unique opportunity to express openly the joy that we sense and feel inside ... Jesus Christ.

News Updates

  1. Frank and to the Point (November 2015)

    We will ordain two of our ministers in the month of November. In recent Church Business Meetings, our congregation heard a recommendation from… Read More

  2. 2015 Advent Schedule

    We have five different festive holiday events for you and your family to attend! Read More

  3. Youth Choir Kickoff Recap

    Our students are going to Chicago for the 2016 Youth Choir Mission Tour! Read More

  1. Frank and to the Point (August 2015)

    We continue the Mile Markers for Life sermon series in August and September with messages that speak deeply to the personal issues many of us… Read More

  2. Student Mission Trip Prayer Request

    Please pray for the team of high school graduated seniors and parents who will be in Haiti from July 22 through July 28. Read More

  3. Youth Choir Mission Tour Reflections

    Thank you for your many prayers, words of encouragement, and financial support of our Youth Choir Mission Tour (YCMT) to Miami, Florida, this… Read More

  1. Prayers for YCMT

    Our Youth Choir Mission Tour 2015 takes us to Miami, Florida, where enriching opportunities for evangelism, ministry, exuberant worship, spiritual… Read More

  2. 2015 High School Seniors

    We are collecting note cards to present to the graduating seniors. These note cards offer a way to share memories, appreciation, encouragement,… Read More

  3. 2015 Music Ministry Intern

    We are fortunate to have Mr. Adam Cogliano serving as an intern in our Church Music Ministry this summer... Read More

  1. Frank and to the Point (April 2015)

    We will explore the words of Jesus, Paul, and John as we find ourselves reminded of the Mysterious Promise, Faith’s Reward, and Our Glorious… Read More

  2. Rightnow Media

    First Baptist Nashville offers our members access to “The Netflix of video Bible studies.” Read More

  3. Easter 2015 Devotionals

    For centuries, devout Jewish families have observed Passover, the celebration of God’s redemption of His people from Egyptian bondage. For… Read More

Upcoming Events

  1. Advent // 2015

  2. Bible Study

  3. The Fellowship on Broadway

    Room 300, East Building
  4. Service of Remembrance & Hope // 2015

  5. Advent // 2015

  6. Advent // 2015

  7. Advent // 2015

  8. Midweek Prayer Service

    Fellowship Hall
  9. Advent // 2015

  10. Advent // 2015

  11. Advent // 2015

  12. Advent // 2015

  13. Advent // 2015

  14. Advent // 2015

  15. Advent // 2015

  16. Advent // 2015

  17. Advent // 2015

  18. Advent // 2015

  19. Advent // 2015

  20. Advent // 2015

  21. Advent // 2015

  22. Advent // 2015

  23. Advent // 2015

  24. Advent // 2015

  25. Advent // 2015

  26. Advent // 2015

  27. Advent // 2015

  28. Advent // 2015

  29. Advent // 2015

  30. Advent // 2015

  31. Advent // 2015