August 04 2014

An Invitation to Join the Sanctuary Choir

Eight years ago, our family was led to First Baptist Nashville. There were many factors behind our decision. One factor was the strong pulpit ministry from Frank Lewis. Every sermon touched our hearts. Second was a Youth Ministry that reached out to our son with open arms. Our Sunday School class was excellent, and we enjoyed healthy discussions each week. Of special interest to me was the choir. I longed to sing in a choir that ministered through worship. But was there room for one more? The choir loft was always full!

Eight years later, I can say there is always room in the choir loft for anyone who wants to sing praises to God! On Wednesday, August 6, at 7:00 p.m., we’ll have a Fall Kickoff for the Sanctuary Choir Singers. We will introduce and begin rehearsing our Christmas music. In addition, there are some exciting opportunities for the choir this year, and you will not want to miss!

Have questions? Talk to me, Joe, or any choir member. (And if you play an instrument, Joe would love to talk with you about joining our orchestra!)

Contact: Connie Powell, Choir President (2014–15)