July 04 2013

Crow’s Corner (July 2013)

Evangelism and You

OUR International Missions Board president recently reported that over 1 billion people are currently living in our world without Jesus Christ, and unless someone takes the Gospel to them, will die without ever hearing clearly the Good News of God’s love.

Can you imagine? 1,000,000,000 people—boys and girls, men and women. Some of these live near you. They are our neighbors, our cowrkers, our classmates, even our family members.

So, what can we do to help them know Christ? Tell, love, pray, give. Help those in our circle of life know of our life-changing faith in Christ. Walk the walk—help those in need. Reach out (stop in our busy schedules) to the person who is lonely, alone, isolated—it just may be that they are at the end of the rope and need desperately to hear about Christ.

Share our financial wealth generously with others—be it in disaster relief assistance, assistance in our local community of faith to those in need, supporting missions through our international missions offering (Lottie Moon) or through a Christian faith-based mission organization helping others.

My father was a great role model that I try to try to live by. He quietly shared his faith in Christ through living uprightly— by conducting himself in a kind manner, helping others, listening well to others, following through on his word, using manners and clean language. In short, he let his light flicker continuously, and fanned the flame of Hope in Christ often. Others knew he was a man of faith because of his conduct. He prayed for others. He created robust Light in others through the flame of Christ in his heart. He made a difference in life through his kindness to others and I knew Christ to a great extent because of his faith in Christ.

How about you? Someone in your life is watching and listening. Someone is checking your flame—is it burning brightly? Is it in need of more fuel? Is it hidden or shining forthright? I pray for you, that you will be part of God’s Army helping others know Jesus Christ in word and in deed, in our community and worldwide. As you go, make disciples…

Reading Material

Men, stop by our Media Center. We have developed a reading shelf for First Men—that’s you! You will find books on being a man following Christ; being a man of Christ during war; being a man of faith in a world that is lacking faith; deepening your walk with Christ; strengthening your marriage; Montana history, and a bunch of other great guy topics.

Social Media

Update—our church is faced with a huge responsibility for the well-being of our children and students. We are teammates with parents in the upbringing of children. Because we care for our children’s best interests, we initiaged a “Social Media Guideline Policy.” It is being introduced to the church with the desire for church adoption. It will assist teachers, helpers, staff and parents to carefully provide boundaries of care for children in the context of social media such as Facebook and texting. The guidelines will be distributed to church members and available to church guests. They should serve that very purpose—a guide. Feel free to discuss these with our Children’s Minister, Student Minister or me.

It is a joy to serve the Lord alongside you. God bless you in your faithfulness and impacting our world for Christ.