August 04 2014

Exciting Times for Older Adults at First

This has been an exciting year for older adults at First Baptist Nashville. The remainder of 2014 will continue to be…

Spiritual Emphasis Week

September 21 – 25 will be Spiritual Emphasis Week. Sunday, August 21, evangelist Junior Hill will lead us in worship. Russell Dilday, former pastor and seminary president, denominational leader, and educator, will share with us during the 11:00 a.m. time Monday through Thursday. It promises to be a spiritually stretching time for all of us.

FM (First Monday)

FM trips are scheduled through December. We are to visit these senior living communities in Nashville:

  • August 4 — Lakeshore, Bellevue
  • October 6 — Richland Place, West End
  • November 3 — The Blakeford, Green Hills
  • December 1 — The St. Paul, Green Hills

3M (Third Monday)

We’ve scheduled some very interesting 3M programs for the rest of 2014. They are:

  • August 18—Ken Corr, minister of pastoral care at Brentwood Baptist, will address spirituality and aging. Ken and I did our Doctor of Ministry degrees in seminary together. You will like him. He formerly was pastor of First Baptist Church Memphis and elsewhere.
  • September 15—Former religion editor of The Tennessean, Ray Waddle, will be our guest. I have asked him to speak about how our religious community has changed since he first came here. Ray recently returned from a few years at Yale University as an editor at their divinity school.
  • October 20—Sports Anchor, Rudy Kalis, will be with us. He is an outspoken believer and will be inspirational and entertaining.
  • November 17—I am excited for you to meet Tom Turner. He directs the Downtown Partnership and knows Nashville like no one else—especially our immediate community. He is in touch with retail, housing, tourism, commercial growth—everything you want to know about downtown, he can address.
  • December 15—Carol Austin will be with us. The Austin family has served many of us for decades in the funeral home business. She will share very helpful information.

What exciting days remain in 2014. Plug in and bring someone with you on Sundays and any of these other dates.

Contact: Rus Roach