March 06 2014

Frank and to the Point (March 2014)

A Thankful Word

Thank you endlessly for your faithful giving through your church to support the Lord’s work at First. During the first two months of the new year your gifts have enabled us to move forward with boldness as we seek to provide a faithful witness to the Nashville community and support missions around the world. Your gifts are making a difference in the lives of people and for that I want to thank you.

Giving to Missions

First Baptist members have supported missions beyond our local church for many years. Missions giving is an important part of who we are as a church family. This year, we are encouraging every member to give a little bit extra to missions all year long, not just during a few seasonal emphasis. We want to provide convenience for your generous support of God’s worldwide work Sunday by Sunday. Soon, you will find new offering envelopes that you may use weekly to help support our church ministry and worldwide missions.

For every missions dollar you give through First Baptist Nashville Global Mission Offering, we will divide it as indicated:

  • 51.3%—International Missions
  • 21.4%—Missions in North America
  • 10.3%—Missions in Tennessee
  • 8.5%—Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home & Adult Homes Ministries
  • 8.5%—The Canadian Baptist Seminary, The Joseph School, The Myanmar Baptist Seminary, and other First Baptist Missions Ministries

The week of Prayer for North American Missions takes place March 2 – 8, so this is a good time to remember the opportunity to practice giving to missions all year long.

Campus Development News

We are anticipating the developer to exercise the option to purchase the property along 6th and Demonbruen according to our agreements later this month. Doing so will provide us not only with the opportunity to consider our Master Plan Implementation Committee’s recommendations on Phase One, but will also give us an opportunity to make a sizeable gift to support the effective ministry of The Next Door as they continue construction on their new home. First Baptist Nashville members should anticipate a recommendation to make a generous gift to the Next Door soon. I support a gift and am praying that we will set the example in our community so that others may be generous as well. This opportunity is too important for us not to lead with a united heart! Listen for more details in the days ahead and continue to pray that the Lord’s will be accomplished for our ministry and that of The Next Door.