August 06 2014

Helping Others

My running friends and I stop and collect coins we find while running. Over a period of time, we have collected a large amount of money, and we donate it to an organization’s inner-city youth ministry. The money we find on the streets of Nashville is a collective effort of a large group of people that provides assistance to persons in need.

Our church has something like this called the Benevolence Fund. The monies received in gifts help church members during difficult times. When you provide financial assistance to our church family in need, you are part of a cooperative effort which provides temporary assistance. Over a period of two years, our church has helped 15 members with gifts of more than $11,800.

Note: This fund is not used for non-members who come to our church for financial assistance. That assistance is handled by our church ministerial staff through the operating budget of First Baptist Nashville.

Several weeks ago and each time we observe communion (The Lord’s Supper), there are persons who stand at each of our exit doors to receive your financial gifts to the Benevolence Fund. You may, however, also provide a financial gift at any time to assist with this ministry. Be sure to designate “Benevolence Fund” on your check or envelope as your way of doing more above your tithe and offering to our church.

As St. Francis wrote in his prayer of peace, “For it is in giving that we receive...” The Bible reflects, “Give, and it shall be given unto you...” (Luke 6:38).

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for the many gifts that we receive from You each day. Many we do not acknowledge, some we could not live without. Most of all on this day, we thank you for family, friends, and the gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ. May we, in turn, discover many ways we can give gifts to help others. Amen.

-Benevolence Committee (Tommy Dixon, Norma Gabhart, Vern Powers, Tommy Scudder, Fred Turner, Larry    Yarborough, chairman, and Rus Roach, minister liaison)

Contact: Larry Yarborough