January 01 2014

The Year of Health

by Rus Roach, minister of pastoral care and senior adults

Your staff hopes that 2014 will be a year of growth in so many areas of our lives.

Spiritually, that will include helps on journaling, having a daily time with the Lord, reading Scripture, sharing your faith, and developing your faith where it is weak.

Emotionally and mentally, it will encourage you to be socially active and not a “lone ranger,” to de-stress your life where you can, to deal with life events that cause sadness and not let it become a depression, to deal “head on” with challenges that will happen and not let them overtake your life, and to continue to grow, read, and learn.

Physically, we hope you will address this year the two things we all know are the main challenges we face—exercise and diet. These two things, when controlled, make more of a difference in our lives that anything else.

Our lives are so intertwined and God made us such a unity that every area affects every other. When all is in balance, our lives are much more useful in service to the Father and our stewardship of what God has is effective. Search out your own ways to be healthy. We will make suggestions throughout the year. Our hope and prayer is that 2014 will be a real watershed year for many of us in our walk with the Father.