July 02 2014

Welcome Back to School

By Dr. Greg Patterson, Family Enrichment Committee

In a few weeks, the school bells across America will ring and the excitement of a new school year will begin. As a classroom teacher, I rarely slept the night before the first day of school due to my own excitement. But I know that parents might lose sleep for a different reason.

One resource I’ve found helpful is Audrey Penn’s book, The Kissing Hand. It’s also great to remember that First Baptist Nashville is filled with many who are willing to encourage and support you as you navigate the “educational waters.”

For those wrestling with those concerns, the acronym SCHOOL can help you remember how important the partnership between home and school really is:

S—Start the day with a good breakfast. 
Show interest in your child’s work and activities.

C—Consistently follow through on expectations.
Check grades, folders, and homework. 

H—Hug your child every day—even teens!
Help your child be H.O.T. at school—Here On Time.

O—Open your mind to possibilities that help your child succeed.
Organize and replenish school supplies each night.

O—Offer to participate in new ideas and innovations.
Observe your child’s study habits at home.

L— Love and accept your child’s abilities unconditionally.
Listen to your child discuss their day; support them.

I want to thank the teachers, parents, administrators and students who suggested ideas for this article. One thing I hear over and over from them is how fast time goes by. Enjoy every moment you have with your child. Have a great school year!

Contact: Shannon Meadors